Cry Out: Poem #1

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The following series of writings in my blog will be poetry straight from my heart as I endure a dark trial. I pray it encourages you to cry out to God along with me in your valley, similar to how David’s Psalms encourages us today.

I’m drowning.

I can’t breathe.

It’s too dark down here.

I just want to see the light again.

How can I be so proud?

Where has my sense of right and wrong gone?

It’s too scary here, where it’s unholy.

I’m just too scared,

out of my mind.

This is how I really feel;

This is not my imagination.

I want to be free.

God, hear my plea.

I want to be right again.

I need to breathe.

I’ve been wrong for so long.

It doesn’t make sense anymore;

It never should have.

Help me to see the light again;

And to really grasp for it, to fight for it.

I can’t go on like this;

I’m sick of it.

It’s more than I can bear.

Lord, please.

Have mercy on me;

I’m desperate for your help.

To be right again.

To be right is to be free.

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